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MAJORBARTER.COM is a private online investment program. We are working with qualified Forex traders from different countries of the world. We use investors deposits to increase our profit and provide high yield opportunity for you on very profitable conditions for both sides. We know how to reduce risk and to rise profits.
2%-2.4% Daily For 150 Days.
Pay systems:
MCB engages in locating and intermediation of absolutely new business opportunities. For you we offer something new as well.

1 year 2.2% daily,
100 days 2.8% daily,
90 days deposit. 200%

Pay systems:

Спасибо, что посетили наш сайт!

Наш ресурс имеет сугубо информационное направление. Нам не принадлежит ни один из представленных проектов. Пожалуйста, будьте внимательны и рассудительны при дальнейшей работе!

Внимание! Работает форум. Приглашаем принять участие в обсуждении текущих проектов!

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2007-09-15 12:20:05 · eTrade Club:: Newsletter - Members access restored -
Последние добавления:
2009-05-26 · ReasonablePro
Reasonable Pro, are happy to invite you to participate in our Investment Programs. Feel free to browse our webpage, to contact us for any kind of questions, and of course to join to our Programs.

2009-05-26 · 30Inv FXTrade
Our company after experiencing 7 years of its activity has decided to attract and encourage people who are well-experienced and specialist in this field to have participation and contribution in the stock acceptance as they are interested in this arena of activity in this market.

2009-05-24 · Trusted-Invest
Trusted-Invest Group is a private investment club established by a team of specialists in the online investment market, trading activities and investments. Based on long experience and supporting tools, the Trusted-Invest Group team can formulate good methods for trading gold, stock and foreign exchange, and deciding the perfect time to get into

2009-05-24 · FXG Experts.com
We are glad to welcome you on our web page. FXG Experts offers you excellent opportunity to increase your assets and obtain financial freedom. Our investment project is managed by a group of experienced traders. Your funds are involved in Forex trading, as well as invested in low risk long-term financial instruments in order to hedge risks involv

2009-05-20 · EvidokT
Evidokt,s Experts, Try to find the best way to investment in Forex markets to gain more profit and attract more investor in evidokt program.

2009-05-19 · MajorBarter
MAJORBARTER.COM is a private online investment program. We are working with qualified Forex traders from different countries of the world. We use investors deposits to increase our profit and provide high yield opportunity for you on very profitable conditions for both sides. We know how to reduce risk and to rise profits.

2009-05-19 · ForexExperts
Forex Experts is an online investment operator aiming at making stable profits from currency trading. Unlike forex dealers/center where you are responsible for trading and money management we are offering an opportunity to have residual (passive) income. Based on proven outsourcing methods this program makes your money work for you on 99.9% risk

2009-05-19 · CnnFXclub.com
6%-7% daily for 20 days. 150% after for 10 days. Paid directly to e-currency.

2009-01-31 · PrivateHolding
Private Holding Investment (PHI) is a private offshore company registered in British Virgin Islands. Business operation details are not open to the general public. The inclusion of new investors is by managements acceptance and approval ONLY, investors should read more about FAQ .

2008-03-15 · StarTradeTeam.com
StarTradeTeam.com. is a new FOREX trading company. However,with the professionalism and multi-year experience of the companys team as well as application of innovative techniques and delicate individual treatment of every particular client we intend to instill in our clients a high level of trust and confidence

Последние платежи:
2009-06-08 · CnnFXclub.com : 96%
2009-06-08 · ForexExperts : 33%
2009-05-27 · RelatedBusinessClub.com : 389%
2009-05-27 · ForexExperts : 33%
2009-05-27 · CnnFXclub.com : 96%
2009-05-27 · 30Inv FXTrade : 4%
2009-05-26 · ForexExperts : 33%
2009-05-26 · CnnFXclub.com : 96%
2009-05-26 · PrivateHolding : 48%
2009-05-26 · MajorBarter : 10%
2009-05-26 · Trusted-Invest : 12%
2009-05-26 · EvidokT : 160%
2009-05-25 · ForexExperts : 33%
2009-05-25 · CnnFXclub.com : 96%
2009-05-25 · RelatedBusinessClub.com : 389%
Оценки вкладчиков:
MajorBarter рейтинг: 0.1 All investments involve risks including loss of principal invested. stfmonitor.com
NoCrisis.biz рейтинг: -0.4 This company is not paying. It is not even online anymore!!!
NoCrisis.biz рейтинг: -0.4 No more Online / No paying
The Stoic рейтинг: 0.2
CAPITALIZE-fund.com рейтинг: -0.1 not paying. lost $2000
LuxFund рейтинг: 0.4 Received 6$ Thank you!
TraderGates рейтинг: -0.2 not pay mee
Bbyen рейтинг: 0.2 these guys r good because they r paying. see proof:Hello ilogbaka chukwuma. $0.26 has been successfu
LuxFund рейтинг: 0.4 Paying!
SpiritStock рейтинг: -0.2 BIG SCAMMMMMMMMMM
RelatedBusinessClub.com рейтинг: 0.2 all withdrawals pending, no response from support !!!
RelatedBusinessClub.com рейтинг: 0.2 no answer from support, have not received any withdrawals
Goodplan рейтинг: 93.6 I always get profit anytime I invest
Goodplan рейтинг: 93.6 This hyip is very good worth trusting
Goodplan рейтинг: 93.6 I rated you because i feel safe & secure after investment.


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