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Program details: Profit Trend Investment

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Profit Trend Investment Add to favorites
total payout: 30 %
payout statistic

users rating: 14.2  [rate now]

2.7% daily for 60 days,
120% after 1 day,
66% daily for 2 days
min spend: 10 $
max spend: 50000 $
referral: 10%

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Profit Trend Investment is a financial company. Founded in 2001, we began with brick-and-mortar offline trading operations and gradually evolved into an online financial company that trades forex, stocks and derivatives while maintaining extensive offline operations.
PerfectMoney  LibertyReserve   Added: 2011-01-30

Ratings stats:

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71 votes

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Latest 100 ratings:
rating user IP user e-mail date
190.40.76.xxx xxx 2011-02-15 13:19:21
  vote comment: I come to terms with this honesty and fast paying!
123.242.xxx xxx 2011-02-15 12:53:16
  vote comment: Good job Admin. I always get paid instantly!
91.189.182.xxx xxx 2011-02-15 12:29:27
  vote comment: I admire your integrity & faithfulness.Really wonderful
190.12.2.xxx xxx 2011-02-15 12:01:24
  vote comment: What a great project! Always paying and no delays, fantastic
201.159.98.xxx xxx 2011-02-15 11:34:35
  vote comment: Hope things will go perfectly!! got my payout
82.128.81.xxx xxx 2011-02-15 10:44:39
  vote comment: This program and Admin are very impressive.
120.50.62.xxx xxx 2011-02-14 18:22:07
  vote comment: Get paid quickly and correctly as always. Thank you admin
118.97.164.xxx xxx 2011-02-14 17:35:57
  vote comment: All WITHDRAWALS received,within 24 hours. Great, thanks
91.192.150.xxx xxx 2011-02-14 16:59:27
  vote comment: BIG investment & BEST program. Thanks alot admin.
91.79.207.xxx xxx 2011-02-14 14:43:41
  vote comment: paying continually. You can invest with this company.
91.201.156.xxx xxx 2011-02-14 13:55:02
  vote comment: Being honest and punctual,they are the best of all.
94.25.81.xxx xxx 2011-02-14 13:29:16
  vote comment: Very solid program,serious approach and regular payouts
82.128.81.xxx xxx 2011-02-14 12:24:53
  vote comment: This program is DEVELOPED since they have been paying fast.
82.128.85.xxx xxx 2011-02-12 15:32:41
  vote comment: I request payout every week and I receive payment in HOURS! I LOVE this site!
186.201.xxx xxx 2011-02-12 14:50:05
  vote comment: I was paid for my referral commission! Great program! This is the place to be!!
222.89.166.xxx xxx 2011-02-12 14:12:46
  vote comment: First payment received very fast! Have upgraded some more
201.130.xxx xxx 2011-02-12 13:51:26
  vote comment: I have been paid! Thanks so much admin, keep your good work!
200.29.216.xxx xxx 2011-02-12 13:17:50
  vote comment: Received my second payment Thanks admin. Great program!
69.90.109.xxx xxx 2011-02-12 12:49:31
  vote comment: I have been PAID ! GREAT program !!
194.150.xxx xxx 2011-02-11 18:26:40
  vote comment: Always pays on time. Highly recommended!
58.147.175.xxx xxx 2011-02-11 18:09:10
  vote comment: surprising & wonderful paying. See this unique site.
77.232.139.xxx xxx 2011-02-11 16:58:15
  vote comment: You are great and I respect your honesty and courage so much
194.145.xxx xxx 2011-02-11 15:28:01
  vote comment: Thanks Admin for all hard work. This one is my best program !
90.230.225.xxx xxx 2011-02-11 14:56:15
  vote comment: Money is power so trust this program and got paid on time.
123.242.xxx xxx 2011-02-11 14:17:34
  vote comment: This site is the most astonishing one.
190.85.35.xxx xxx 2011-02-11 13:22:30
  vote comment: Got PAID very fast again, best hyip!!
200.217.xxx xxx 2011-02-11 12:47:43
  vote comment: Great Program run by Great People. A very safe investment for all.
195.114.xxx xxx 2011-02-10 18:13:45
  vote comment: I love you because your fast paying is unique
200.29.216.xxx xxx 2011-02-10 15:28:14
  vote comment: since investing here , I am in profit thanks a lot
202.156.13.xxx xxx 2011-02-10 14:34:12
  vote comment: Phenomenal, wonderful unique the best site for investing
202.133.54.xxx xxx 2011-02-10 13:40:51
  vote comment: You Can make real investment here.
79.125.54.xxx xxx 2011-02-10 12:27:51
  vote comment: Smart fast growing project! Join everybody.
190.14.250.xxx xxx 2011-02-10 11:47:00
  vote comment: Honest PAYOUTS on time! Get PAID today as usual.
144.140.52.xxx xxx 2011-02-09 15:54:59
  vote comment: Great deal with you, thanks very much...
202.29.58.xxx xxx 2011-02-09 15:06:55
  vote comment: Your service is good .... keep it up... Thanks Admin..
189.22.105.xxx xxx 2011-02-09 14:19:53
  vote comment: Thank you so much - i will refer you to many people
178.169.95.xxx xxx 2011-02-09 13:25:14
  vote comment: Honesty....... thats your watchword.
189.80.114.xxx xxx 2011-02-09 12:19:29
  vote comment: Good Payment... Good Investment.... Good Hyips.. Thanks Admin
50.16.203.xxx xxx 2011-02-09 11:32:52
  vote comment: Best Hyips Keep doing good .. Thanks Admin
216.250.xxx xxx 2011-02-09 10:46:10
  vote comment: Great bonus collected and confirmed
201.30.246.xxx xxx 2011-02-08 18:06:42
  vote comment: Got paid very fast !!! Excellent program!
196.21.189.xxx xxx 2011-02-08 17:33:03
  vote comment: Just got paid for gold plan! million thanks!!
121.242.65.xxx xxx 2011-02-08 16:52:58
  vote comment: You are always successful because of your honesty
121.96.72.xxx xxx 2011-02-08 16:11:25
  vote comment: The Best of the Best, I received my payment today
78.29.6.xxx xxx 2011-02-08 15:11:17
  vote comment: Cool, this one is HOT and PAYING
210.212.xxx xxx 2011-02-08 13:21:46
  vote comment: I hope this program can survive for long, it is been very good so far.
190.85.26.xxx xxx 2011-02-08 12:42:24
  vote comment: Fantastic Program!! They keep on PAYING and paying!!
202.156.13.xxx xxx 2011-02-08 11:34:18
  vote comment: Here assurance & punctuality have merged with safety .
85.214.57.xxx xxx 2011-02-08 10:53:14
  vote comment: This one is real and great paying program.
62.176.15.xxx xxx 2011-02-07 19:15:17
  vote comment: Today, as expected, I have received my new cashout! One of the best projects at this time!
96.255.31.xxx xxx 2011-02-07 18:20:29
  vote comment: This hyip is really perfect and paying.
41.234.207.xxx xxx 2011-02-07 17:22:03
  vote comment: profit is so regular and today I have been paid .
41.234.205.xxx xxx 2011-02-07 16:04:58
  vote comment: You are the greatest management I ever come across.keep it up .
93.85.224.xxx xxx 2011-02-07 14:23:07
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81.219.228.xxx xxx 2011-02-07 13:48:46
  vote comment: Best honest program. Pays ontime every day! Thanks ADMIN!
81.219.228.xxx xxx 2011-02-07 13:07:02
  vote comment: very fast payment when requested and great support system
80.79.115.xxx xxx 2011-02-07 12:37:57
  vote comment: The best! Stable project! Highly recommended.
91.83.216.xxx xxx 2011-02-05 18:50:15
  vote comment: I am interested in your integrity & punctuality.You are PHENOMENAL.
217.23.14.xxx xxx 2011-02-05 18:12:23
  vote comment: Just have been paid. Exellent program!!!!
91.189.182.xxx xxx 2011-02-05 17:27:09
  vote comment: I am in PROFIT ,this is a serious paying INVESTMENT program .always pays
91.189.182.xxx xxx 2011-02-05 16:54:47
  vote comment: Honest payouts on time! Get paid today as usual. Nice serious project
190.128.xxx xxx 2011-02-05 16:21:20
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46.4.2.xxx xxx 2011-02-05 15:40:39
  vote comment: First payment received very fast! Have upgraded some more
85.214.57.xxx xxx 2011-02-05 15:07:34
  vote comment: Paid for the second time!! Great program, paid VERY FAST!!!
213.248.47.xxx xxx 2011-02-05 13:58:41
  vote comment: WOW 1st payout received ! Great program !!!
213.19.6.xxx xxx 2011-02-04 19:02:37
  vote comment: I got first payment . Really great site!! Thanks Admin.
190.85.48.xxx xxx 2011-02-04 18:29:44
  vote comment: I earn MONEY in the program.It is really great HYIP. PAID Me Fast!!!
204.45.135.xxx xxx 2011-02-04 13:21:16
  vote comment: You are always successful because of your honesty
80.95.97.xxx xxx 2011-02-04 11:35:14
  vote comment: First Payout received thanks admin for the nice Job........
208.43.138.xxx xxx 2011-02-03 19:34:24
  vote comment: Got paid now thanks admin
184.106.xxx xxx 2011-02-03 18:33:27
  vote comment: Payout Received Thanks Admin i will invest More
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