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Program details

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Cooper-Finance premium listing  High profit  Add to favorites
total payout: 255 %
payout statistic

users rating: 3.4  [rate now]

15%-17% for 8 days
min spend: 10 $
max spend: 25000 $
referral: 5%

admin e-mail support  
Cooper-Finance established by a group of experienced traders and market analysts. Our success is founded on the strength of investment research, in association with the depth of knowledge and experiences.
E-gold  LibertyReserve   Added: 2007-11-16

Ratings stats:

Very good
17 votes

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Latest 100 ratings:
rating user IP user e-mail date
200.65.127.xxx xxx 2007-12-05 07:18:13
  vote comment: one more payment received from cooper, thx
202.7.166.xxx xxx 2007-12-04 09:41:45
  vote comment: the only program that never disappoint me, i trust them!!
192.100.xxx xxx 2007-12-03 08:41:46
  vote comment: retrieved payment as always, they are for real!!
200.65.127.xxx xxx 2007-11-30 05:32:01
  vote comment: i have the best experiences with them, never found such paying program like cooper-finance
202.7.166.xxx xxx 2007-11-28 09:57:02
  vote comment: thx cooper for keep paying me, will always vote for you
192.100.xxx xxx 2007-11-27 12:11:46
  vote comment: 11/27/2007 06:02 Payment Received 86885xxx Gold +0.45483 3075xxx 375.00 USD 824.50
216.129.xxx xxx 2007-11-27 00:12:05
  vote comment: thanks for all payments
200.65.127.xxx xxx 2007-11-26 00:02:53
  vote comment: program keeps their promises and stays honest all time
81.169.151.xxx xxx 2007-11-24 04:49:12
  vote comment: daily payments of $52.50 received now for long time without problems
192.100.xxx xxx 2007-11-24 02:29:55
  vote comment: Thanks admin! I got my payment here! I like this program!!!
140.116.xxx xxx 2007-11-22 18:02:29
  vote comment: paid as always
219.93.178.xxx xxx 2007-11-22 16:49:42
  vote comment: finally, the reall thing has been discovered. this is simply fantastic. pls keep it up
85.214.27.xxx xxx 2007-11-21 17:05:32
  vote comment: I am very satisfied with this investment. Daily payments fast on the e-gold acc. Excellent program.
202.53.11.xxx xxx 2007-11-20 07:10:00
  vote comment: Profitable plans. I invested $150 and I'm very satisfied
200.64.191.xxx xxx 2007-11-19 08:24:25
  vote comment: This is among only two or three HYIP websites I could trust after doing due diligence.
124.3.110.xxx xxx 2007-11-18 23:26:30
  vote comment: Received another payment instantly today, I am considering making a new deposit here
12.198.188.xxx xxx 2007-11-18 15:45:37
  vote comment: The number one on the market. Always paying fast. Great investment.

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