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2006-12-10, 13:20:58 return
Europe Trade Official Update

A week ago Europe Trade represented a range of incoming improvements, related to its online functioning. Despite an active development of our offline activity we haven’t postponed these plans and started to carry them out.

We officially declare addition of new investment products. New products, formed basing upon our two-year experience in investment services, will be the first present for you for the New Year holiday!

Completely new offers, presented in three groups, can even satisfy the most exacting client.

Aggressive Investment Strategy
Aptly named, this investment strategy’s primary purpose is to pursue high levels of return. However, it also comes with an above-average level of risk, which the investor must be willing to accept. The Interest Rate changes periodically, and fluctuates between a predetermined floor and ceiling. Income distribution is done on a daily basis.

Balanced Investment Strategy
The Balanced Investment Strategy seeks to offer a middle ground between risk and capital preservation. It is designed to balance a portfolio to provide both income and capital appreciation, while simultaneously avoiding excessive risk. It offers a Fixed Rate of Return, and Income Distribution is done on a weekly basis. In addition, investors can realize significant income and capital gain benefits from our optional compounding mechanism.

Conservative Investment Strategy
The opposite of aggressive, the Conservative Investment Strategy minimizes risk and instead focuses on capital preservation as its highest priority. It also has a Fixed Rate of Return, and with an investment period limited to 30 calendar days, is designed primarily for investors with shorter term goals. In addition, additional deposits are treated as separate investments.

All existing investors will receive payments in accordance with terms of their original investment products and are able to change to the new offers at any time. In case of an upgrade to the new investment offer, investment maturity date will be counted from the date of initial investment.

We do not promote or own any HYIP site. The information and data were obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but we do not guarantee its accuracy. Some programs may be illegal depending on your country's laws. Past Performance of any of programs is no guarantee for the same or similar future performance. Don't spend what you cannot afford to lose!
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