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2006-11-22, 20:40:00 return
www.investprograms.com : News!
1) we Remind you about that voting at our forum concerning bonuses proceeds. While the minimum of 50 % of clients will not vote on this question, all distributions of bonuses will be frozen! In fact time you do not vote, means they to you simply it is not necessary, correctly? And if all are necessary, means it is voted, what you should spend 5 minutes of time?
2) the new investment plan of 15 % in a week within 10 weeks (under the old plan of 23-25 % in a week within 5 weeks more contributions are not accepted as soon as old contributions will be paid, the plan will be finally closed) Is started
3) percent for referrals Have changed.
4) the board of messages on the main page Is started.
5) Since December, 1st 2006 plan of 5 % a day within 30 days will be changed to 3 % a day within 40 days.

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