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2006-10-26, 22:31:20 return
www.yellowstones.net : October 21, 2006
It was a long time since we posted the last newsletters, but dont worry, we are not gone. We are just trying very hard to recover the losses.
We need to recover more than 260 000$, and it is a huge work considering that we had a very small capital to work with.
We are also working to open a full legal registered company. We tried here in Canada but was not able because of the nature of our activites, We have no choice to go on offshore territory, but it will take more time.
Also, because of all these delays and problems, we decide to not restart YS, and put all account in refund. So we will stop, starting tonight, to give daily interest, and we reopened withdrawals on principal, profits, and referals.
Withdrawals will work only when there are money in our E-Gold account. We will put some regularly, depending of the amount we earn on our recovering plan. So just try to withdraw some time to time, and you should be able to recover all your capital in the next weeks.
We are very sorry for what happened. We probably started this program too quickly, without having all nessary knowledge and experiences. However, we are with good faith, and we will do everything we can so that your capital do not disappear. We made good trading investment, and we simply wait until the capital necessary for the refunding of all the accounts arrive in the long term.
Thank you for your patience.
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